Sunday, June 26, 2011

Reliance / Tata Photon / MTS Blaze data card ubuntu 11 India

I am traveling in india and brought my laptop with me as I was working for 2 weeks from here. My host OS is ubuntu 11 and it was a pain here to get it connected to internet. As I would be traveling so the best solution was to get a prepaid datacard as it will work everywhere in india. So I took my laptop to reliance world and it was fun to see the IT people struggling to find "My computer" in ubuntu. After 2 days they gave up and I anyways purchased the card to give it a try myself. It seems it was a 2 min job to connect it.

1) Go to System->Preferences->Network connections
2) Select "Mobile Broadband" and click Add
3) Follow the steps as shown in below screenshots

4) Enter the username/password provided by the provider

5)Thats it you are all set. Enjoy!!


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  2. This is not working for centOS. can you please help me

  3. Yes, I felt the same problem which you faced. There is some problem in that OS, a few days back I had purchased a laptop and I chose Ubuntu as my OS from that day I have been facing the problem. Although after getting into your article I think my problem can't stay with me for a long. So thank you for everything.

  4. Mine is Ubuntu 12.04, can i use aircel datacard , if yes could you please help me by providing the steps.

  5. Sorry dude I am back in USA so I cant help you on this one as I never used an aircel card.

  6. guyz can u please help me with using Airtel datacard in ubuntu